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 I just wanted to say thanks again. I have really enjoyed doin ma lessons with you and I was actually almost crying leaving your car as I can’t believe I won’t be seeing u every week anymore. Ur a great guy and a brilliant driving instructor. Thanks again mate.



thank u so much for getting me through my test with a first time pass really appreciate it !!

Cara lee


Thanks for everything Thomas.
It was my pleasure to learn driving with my instructor Thomas. He has a great personality, kind and caring yet very professional. He corrected all my driving errors even the very small ones, to make me super ready for the test. I would say you should definitely listen to him and only take your test when he confirms you are ready for that. I really appreciate your help and support Thomas. A great experience learning with you.
Thanks and regards. Behnam


Couldn’t recommend Thomas more if you are looking to learn to drive, very patient and considerate also some patter?



I just want to say thank you so much Thomas for helping me passed my test. I have had many driving instructors. The way you taught me in such a short period of time. I learned a lot from you than others. Your very friendly and you always push me to do better in such a short time. Always explained things when I went wrong. Which was very easy to correct. It’s nice early Christmas present.



The lessons we done always had a purpose and our time was never wasted. We were always pushed to the limit and it helped us progress really quickly and helped us become more confident drivers. If we made a mistake we would always get a great explanation on how to fix it and what to do to fix it. No question was a silly question and you were always happy to answer at all times. Excellent driving instructor and very easy to get along with and had a laugh making it that much easier to do the lessons and passing first time.

Ross and Lewis (Both passed 1st time on the same day)


thank u so much

Skye 1st time pass


Would highly recommend Tam if you’re needing a top notch instructor. He’s taken me from having never driven before with no experience to feeling confident and passing my test in Airdrie. He’s reliable and punctual and puts you at ease. A fab instructor!



If you are thinking of booking driving lessons, I cannot stress enough how Thomas is the best and only choice. When I started my lessons with Thomas, I was extremely nervous and in all honesty had no interest in learning to drive. Thomas quickly put me at ease and actually made the lessons fun both was his warm and welcoming personality and bad dad jokes????. Thomas is extremely punctual, goes above and beyond for his students and always accommodated me to the best of his ability. Thomas believed in my ability when I didn’t and in all honesty I could not have got through my test without him he has the patience of a saint. So thank you so much for everything Thomas! And to everyone looking to book lessons, choose Thomas, I can assure you won’t regret it.



I honestly couldn’t recommend Thomas enough as an instructor. I came to Thomas from another instructor with next to no confidence in my driving. Thomas was very patient with me and was able to cater his teaching to my learning. My lessons with Thomas were so relaxed and is someone who you can easily have a laugh with!

Thank you so much Thomas! See you on the road



Thomas is an absolute star of a driving instructor. Doesnt matter how nervous or frustrated or anxious you are feeling he really helps put you at ease while you are behind the wheel. I feel so blessed that Thomas was my instructor, and his bad dad jokes are second to none . I would highly recommend Thomas.



Thanks again for yr support and yr help

Harwinder 1st time pass.



I can’t thank Thomas enough for getting me to test standard & then passing first time – with only 2 minors!

His patience with me has been nothing short of amazing! Each & every lesson I was challenged because Thomas knew i could do it!

On my first lesson with Thomas, I was very honest & told him that I didn’t want to drive. Driving was essential since I now have 2 young boys & getting to & from different clubs was beginning to get difficult so it was something I had to do to make life a little easier. Thomas soon changed my attitude & made each lesson enjoyable along with the challenges!

I cannot recommend Thomas enough!



When I was 17 I wasn’t confident driving, I had a few lessons on the road but my instructor stressed me out and made me feel like I would never drive and this put me off and I stopped taking lessons. When my 17 year old daughter started taking lessons with Thomas she loved her lessons. I thought it was about time to try again and give it an other go! Right away I felt at ease and my confidence grew. When Thomas got me to test standard I felt so relaxed driving and i felt confident I would pass and I did, First time!! And so did my daughter, double celebration????.
I am so grateful Thomas, thank you for your patience and giving me the confidence to continue, I love driving and having this new independence.
I highly recommend Thomas as I had been doing lessons for months and had got nowhere, my confidence was shot and he helped me build that confidence back resulting in a first time pass with 5 minors. You couldn’t find a more friendly and professional instructor and I couldn’t thank him enough for helping me change my life massively so thank you again Thomas you’ve helped take the next step in moving forward with my family life
I passed first time today with Thomas, he is an amazing instructor and would recommend as he was very patient with me and made me feel confident in my driving abilitie. He really helped me a lot and by the time I booked my test I felt that I had a high chance passing. He gets you up to a very high standard before he puts you forward for your test so u are not nervous or afraid of failure. He helped me a lot and I am grateful that he was my instructor. Thanks Thomas
Just want to say thanks to Thomas for getting me through my test 1st time, you are wonderful driving instructor and made me confident in my driving thanks a bunch.

Thank you to my amazing driving coach Thomas for helping me get through my test first time. Never thought i would do it and this guy had faith in me from the outset. Got me over my self doubt with his words of encouragement and kick up the a*** when i needed it. Had faith in me when i didnt and was so patient during ‘that’ meltdown lol. Totally relaxed atmosphere with a few, what i call now, Thomas jokes thrown into the mix, all of which have totally helped me get through it. Cheers Tam! See you on the road xx

Couldn’t thank thomas enough for helping me with my driving! Helped me pass first time!
I would highly recommend learning with Thomas he is is a great instructor. I never thought I would pass but with him teaching me I passed first time!! He knew I was ready even when I didn’t. He brought out my confidence and put up with my weirdness lol I will miss our lessons together but thanks to him I now have a license. ???? Kim
Thanks to the infinite patience of Thomas, I passed my driving text with 4 minors. I have not been the easiest of students, but Thomas stuck by me and believed in me and today his patience and great teaching methods paid off and I am now a qualified driver. Thomas never cancelled any lessons and was always extremely punctual. He worked my lessons around when work caused scheduling issues. One in a million. Thank you Mr Hutchison
Finally passed my test today after trying twice before with someone else can’t thank Thomas enough if it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have managed it he believed I could do it and I did. He’s so easy to get along with and makes you feel at ease will miss my Monday lessons and the laughs! I recommend him to anyone and everyone best instructor
Thanks for getting me through my test 1st time.
Stuart 1st time pass
Absolutely amazing instructor. Told me I could do it when I doubted myself cheers again.Thanks very much Thomas. U believed that I could when a was a bag of nerves ????
Passed 1st time with Thomas with only 2 minors!!! Didn’t think I could do it but for some reason he did, and he was right! Thomas puts you at ease straight away, his jokes are terrible but at least it makes you laugh haha. I knew after the first lesson with him that it was the right instructor for me. I will be recommending him to anyone who wants to learn to drive!
Thanks very much Thomas, this was all down to you. You are an excellent instructor and an all round nice person. Very friendly environment in the car and you had faith in me even after that one last lesson that didn’t go particularly well. I will miss the chats though and the telling off. It was well worth it in the end. I am grateful.
Elvis. 1st time pass


Passed 1st time! Even drove home on the motorway ? Thomas is an amazing driving instructor, had faith in me even when I didn’t have myself. He’s very firm but very kind and hilarious with it. Highly recommend! Thanks again Thomas ? x
Massive thank you first of all Tam!

Tam had me test ready in no time, a lot quicker than I was expecting.

He was my first driving instructor and I found his relaxed approach helped my nerves, he was always punctual, friendly and very easy to get on with.
He had more confidence in me than I had in myself sometimes, and gave me the push when I needed it.

Cant thank you enough for your time and effort!


Would just like to
say a massive thank you to thomas! 

Passed my test 2nd time around after the
nerves getting me big time in my first one.

He is very patient and always
punctual! Is great at putting your nerves to rest. 

The way he teaches you to
drive is a way that is easy to remember

and understand would recommend him to
anyone.thanks again 



John Purdie – Testimonial

I would like to start by saying thanks to Thomas for all his help getting me test ready in such a short space of time. I passed on my second attempt due to a poor judgment on my part during my first test, so I had to re-sit this is no reflection on Thomas’ teaching skills who taught and help hone my skills to such a level that I should’ve passed on the first attempt. If you are currently reading this, looking to select a driving instructor, then you cannot go wrong choosing Thomas. Thomas is very easy going, and very punctual, there is also no messing around on lessons and Thomas quickly ascertains your current skills and tailors his teaching method around this to ensure that you as the pupil are being taught in the manner which best suits you as a person and not just sticking to a generic method for all. I really can’t find the correct words to praise Thomas, but suffice to say you will not find a better instructor out there. Once again thanks for everything and the proverbial kick up the backside when I needed it, only kidding. Regards John

Thank you again
Thomas for helping me pass my test first time. 

great driving instructor very
friendly and always on time for my lessons. 

would definitely recommend you to
anyone. Anne.

Thomas is an
excellent instructor.
Been doing lessons on/off for past 10 years, with several
different instructors.
 After a 3 year break I started lessons with Thomas in
May, (recommended by my friend). 
I passed my driving test 1st time, with only 3
minors and it's all down to him.
 I felt at ease and my confidence grew with
every lesson. Would highly recommend Thomas.
 Thanks again

Would just like to
say a big thanks to Thomas for helping me pass my test! 
If your thinking 

about lessons I would definitely recommend Thomas 

as he is very easy to talk to and a good teacher. 

He helped me a lot even when 
I had my emotional break downs
if a couldn't get something right first time. 

I'm glad I went with Thomas as he
is always on time and never cancels on you last minute 

like other instructors I had. 

Very reliable, friendly and extremely patient 
for anyone who is a bit of a
slow learner like myself lol.


Thanks again for
helping me start a new chapter! 

Chloe x

Just want to say
thanks Thomas. Helped me pass my test with only 
3 minors .
Couldn't have done
it without you . Cheers ,chunk

"Passed first time with Thomas , coming
from another instructor after I felt I was not learning 
and picking things up
at a much faster pace after switching to Thomas . 
Couldn't recommend enough ????????
Thank you for getting me through my test first time.
If I was more
superstitious than I am already, I'd go to Casino

and play roulette. It's
triple fives all round. It took five driving lessons

to get my driving back up
to scratch. 

I gathered five minor errors during my test yesterday.

And I'm the
fifth 1st time pass in a row, prepared by this instructor. 

I'd highly recommend
Thomas to anyone. He's honest, cooperative and 

punctual. A true professional
(Everyone who knows me well, will know that I don't 

throw this word around




Thomas is a great instructor after not having lessons for over a year, he
quickly helped me gain my confidence back in driving. Always wants to
know what your worries are to work on them, explains things very
clearly and will do things several times for you to understand it. A
chatty guy and made my lessons very enjoyable, I couldn't recommend
him highly enough. I should also say I passed first time and he
really did help with that, thanks so much Thomas!! 


What a great driving instructor, 
was firstly at another instructor to begin with but didn't find
much progress. Then I moved to Thomas who just made my life easy, 
teaches the
easy way and is just there to get you past your test unlike 
others who drag on,
lovely and great guy can't ask for anyone better! 
And can say with great
confidence that he is the best instructor out there !

Although thomas
wasn't my first choice it soon became apparent 

that he was the right choice.
His method of teaching is sound and there is 

good humor added into the mix. 
He made me feel at ease on the road 
and encourage my confidence too.

Thomas you
helped me pass first time and for that i will always 
be grateful,

you will
always come highly recommended in my book! 
thank you. David


I would just like to say thanks to Thomas for helping me pass my driving test, 
he is very easy going and reliable.
He was also very helpful if I had to change dates or times for lessons,
I would recommend Thomas to anyone who is looking to get on the road for the first time. 
Thanks again Thomas.
Hi Thomas,

Thanks so much for helping me get through my driving test.
From start to finish you have been excellent, and have made me confident in my ability to drive.
I have also enjoyed myself during the lessons which made it a lot easier for me.
I would 100% recommend you to any of my friends or family. Thanks again.

Stephen Taggart

I will start by
saying if there is anyone looking for a professional, 
reliable and patient
instructor then Thomas is the instructor you need! 
I had two previous
instructors beforehand and felt like I was getting 
nowhere at all. I started
lessons with Thomas at the beginning of September

and here I am in the November
only 2 months later and I passed my test with only 
5 minors.

I have only Thomas
to thank for this I am so glad I came across him on the 

and decided to
call him! If your looking for an instructor that will 
get you up to test
standards as quickly as possible then please 
give him a call 

I can assure you
he will not waste your time.

Thank you so much for your time and effort and all
the best in the future Thomas! Dannielle.


a big thanks to Thomas for helping me pass first time with 5 minors, my old instructor would waste so much time talking and sitting at bus stops talking about driving instead of actually driving during the year i was with him and it took a knock in my driving confidence, decided enough was enough and gave thomas a call and very quickly and efficiently he got me upto test standard and a first time pass, and not once did we sit at a bus stop wasting time.. could not recommend him enough, great instructor and a great all round guy =) all the best for you and your family! Cheers.

I couldn’t recommend Thomas highly enough. He took me from never being behind the wheel to test standard within a handful of months and passed, first time, in under 4 months of my first lesson. It’s easy to say he’s patient but he’s a top guy too which makes it all the easier to learn from him.

Thanks again Thomas.

Paul Shanks
Thomas is a great guy to learn from,patient,understanding and will try his best to fit you in when he can,devotes all his attention to you when your behind the wheel and he will get you at test ready as fast as he can! Always shows up on time and an all round nice guy!!
Hi Thomas

Just want to say thanks for your patience teaching me to drive and getting me through it at the 1st attempt!!

Lessons were always good and we had a good laugh as well.

I would highly recommend Thomas for anyone thinking of taking lessons, always on time, great patience and puts you at ease. No messing about and gets you to test standard as quickly as possible.

Will be a bit odd not seeing you every week!

Many thanks again and all the best for the future.

Michael Mills
Thanks to Thomas for getting me through my lessons and helping me pass first time with 5 minors, excellent instructor”

Thanks again Thomas!

Started learning how to drive in 2009 and after 2 failed test in 2010
(Through a different instructor) I packed it in all together.

Decided to give it another go and was recommended to go with Thomas
and finally I made it!

After a break of almost 5 years not driving Thomas showed confidence
in me straight away by letting me drive from my house on our very
first meet. Lessons were very good and good chat
although the jokes
could have been a bit funnier - although they were on my wavelength.

On test day he did the best to keep me calm
and resassure me that I
would pass.

Can't thank you enough Thomas

All the best,
Stephen Brodie
Hi Thomas,

Hope you are well.


I can’t thank Thomas enough for all his help and support.


Before I started driving with Thomas


I had two previous driving instructors.


I thought it was the norm to be stuck


in an industrial estate talking about driving


rather than actually driving.


My friend told me about Thomas


and I soon started taking lessons with him.


Straight away he was setting challenges and asking me


what I wanted to focus on. Every lesson my confidence grew.


He made the lessons fun and relaxed.


He is a great guy and I can’t recommend him enough.


Thanks again.







Can't thank you enough Thomas,
I've really enjoyed my lessons and
can't quite believe that's it over!
There was no time wasted during lessons
and passed my test first time
which seems to be common with Thomas' pupils!
As soon as I'd learned the basics
I was out on the roads which was great,
really felt like I was improving each and every lesson,
and as soon as I was ready for the test it was booked.
Always had a few laughs during lessons too,
I've already recommended to people thinking
about learning. All the best Thomas x
I recommend Thomas to anyone thinking about taking driving lessons.
I was very anxious about getting behind the wheel and was assured
by his friendly, easy going nature and the lessons were never dull
with his sense of humour which allowed me to relax.
I passed on my first attempt with Thomas teaching me and his
confidence in my driving reassured me in my ability to do so.
One thing that stood out in the lessons is that I spent the time driving
rather than pulled up at the side of the road talking
which I noticed many other instructors doing.
This meant I got hands on experience and reached
test standard fairly quickly.
Thanks for Everything, Stacey
big thanks to Thomas for getting me through my driving test
I started out a really nervous driver but with a lot of patience
and perseverance from Thomas he helped me relax and I now feel
confident when driving .
I passed my test with only 3 minors and couldn't recommend him enough !
Hey Thomas,
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping me pass my test !
After being messed about by other instructors
I was really glad I was recommended you,
you really pushed me to reach my potential and I felt I needed it.
I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and im really grateful.

Thanks Again, Caitlin  x

Thanks for taking me on Thomas Hutchison as my instructor.
Thanks for teaching me and having to put up with me.
3rd time lucky not only did you teach me to the best driving standards,
but most importantly had faith in me. Thanks again. Stacey

passed my test first time, couldnt have done it without thomas, the guy is an absolute gent, very patient, real down to earth, and all round top guy, couldnt recommend him anymore, thanks for all your help and getting me to this stage thomas, cheers again


Sarah Noon
I couldn't recommend Thomas enough, after failing horrendously twice
before with another instructor who insisted I was still test ready, I
was about to give up and leave lessons thinking that it was a waste of
money. After hearing great reviews I decided to give it one last go
and go for a trial lesson with Thomas. He immediately told me where I
was failing - even predicting what I was nervous with before I told
him and had a plan on how to fix it. I went from having 9 minors and 2
serious faults in 8 weeks to passing with 3 minors! Thomas is patient
when you need him to be, always willing to go over things again if you
forget but also pushes you to do your best. I Can't thank him enough
for getting me through - for anyone who is considering giving up I'd
recommend trying one last time with Thomas! We always had a good laugh
and I always felt that he was trying his best to get me to test
standard asap! Thanks again Thomas! Sarah x
Throughout my driving lessons with Thomas I found myself 

improving each and every time that I stepped inside of the car.

Thomas is very encouraging and is constantly trying to get you to

test standards as quickly as possible.

I found this very
beneficial, as I was constantly challenging myself on each lesson.

Thomas’ teaching methods

were very laid back and they were often a good laugh,

this helped me to constantly feel at ease.

Thanks for all your help mate, all the best. 



Paul Tausney
Great instructor.  Very patient with a great dry sense of humour.
 Learning to drive can be nerve-wracking,
 but Thomas was great at keeping me
 calm and focused, all the while making me smile.

 Only started learning at 33, but I would recommend Thomas
 to anyone learning at any age. He'll keep ye right. 
Can't thank you enough for getting me through my
lessons and test.
 Fantastic instructor with alot of patience and a
great teaching
 Even though i moved to glasgow i still made
the journey back to cumbernauld
 for weekly lessons rather than changing instructor.
Thanks for everything!
Thanks alot Thomas, nice experience learning with you.
Never thought you'd get me thru
 with no faults (with only 4 lessons).
 Will be recommending you to friends and family.
 Thanks again m8.
Thomas was a great instructor,
very easy to get along with which made me much more comfortable
with my experience of learning to drive. He is very patient,
is an amazing instructor and is great at focusing
 on what helps you as a driver
 which definitely allows you to learn a lot quicker.
 He showed a great lot of confidence in me which made me want to pass
 even more and have the confidence to do so myself.
 I can't thank you enough!


I'd like to say a big thanks to Thomas for getting me through my test.
Each lesson I had was enjoyable and I was learning something brand new
every time. I definitely recommend Thomas as a driving instructor!
Thanks again, Kyle
I can't thank you enough for getting me through my test. Right now
I am as high as a kite.
You have been a fantastic instructor,
 you adjusted to my way of
learning which has in turn got me to where I am now
 (with my pass). I
shall be recommending you to friends and family.
Thank you again and take care :)
Carly Blyth
I greatly enjoyed my time learning under Thomas.
 From the first moment I got in the car I was made to feel at ease
 and comfortable in what was a nerve-wracking experience.
 Thomas made it clear from the outset that he wanted 
 to get me driving as soon as possible.
 Every lesson I progressed on to something new 
 and that made the whole process both challenging and rewarding.
 Aside from being great at what he does, 
 Thomas is a very nice guy to drive with. 
 Perfect for spending a couple of hours a week with. 
 I can't speak highly enough of my experience learning with him.
Jonny Boyle
Big thank you first of all Thomas!

I have only been 
learning to drive with Thomas
 for about 6 months.

I have always found him to be very punctual,
 friendly and patient.

He always made me feel very relaxed even though my nerves 
get the better of me.

My last instructor could never give me the lesson slots I wanted
and had me sitting
 at the side of the road most of the time! 

Thomas will get you to test standard in no
 time and has an
excellent approach to teaching.

Thanks again for everything!!

Leanne Woodman 
Tom is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor and a great laugh.
 I went to Tom for lessons after a bad experience with a
 previous instructor
 and he made everything so easy for me to understand. My dyslexia made
 some aspects of driving particularly challenging but Tom encouraged me
 every step of the way and got me through my test.
I would recommend him to everyone who is thinking of taking up lessons,


brilliant instructor.


Thanks for everything, Adam.


Hi Thomas
I can’t Thank You enough for getting me through my test today.


I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of taking up lessons.


You got me up to test standard within 6 months and that’s testament


to your own teaching methods, knowledge and patience.


I can’t Thank You enough.


All the best mate



I learned to drive with Thomas for over a year and a half.
 I am a very unconfident person and I always doubted
 my driving ability- however Thomas was extremely
 encouraging and really allowed me to take my time
 in gaining confidence behind the wheel.
He is a really approachable man and made you feel very comfortable
 and safe while driving. He was very patient and understanding-
 I am so glad that now I have passed my test I can say that
 I wouldn't have wanted to learn with another instructor.
 I feel I am the safest and best driver that
I can be and that's with thanks to Thomas.
Thanks again Thomas :)
Jack Redmonds Mum
Well done jack so proud and a great instructor too highly recommended 
Great instructor didn't moan,taught me what I needed to know to pass
my test first time
Aaron McElhinney
I would first like to say a big thank you to Thomas for helping
me through my test with 4 minor errors.I Would highly recommend
him to anyone looking to start driving lessons. Thomas was always
punctual and professional and always found a way to make lessons
interesting. He has the patience of a saint and proved this by
putting up with me throughout my lessons, thanks again Thomas.
I would like to say thanks to Thomas for getting me through my test
I had failed a test with a previous instructor and so decided to
change to Thomas and managed to pass within a month!The lessons were
relaxed and at times I needed. I would definitely recommend Thomas.
Jack Pirret
After having a break from driving - following some bad experiences
with my previous instructor - Thomas quickly identified how I learn,
and got me to test standard much quicker than I imagined. With my old
instructor I was wasting a lot of time & money, and I dreaded every
single lesson. It was as if I was being held back, where as with
Thomas it felt like he wanted me to get through my test as quickly as
I did. After a few lessons with Thomas I could feel my confidence
growing, as well as my ability & I found myself actually looking
forward to my lesson every week. Thomas is very easy to get on with &
turned learning to drive into an enjoyable experience for me, rather
than a chore. Thanks for all your help mate, all the best. Jack


I started with Thomas after previously using a different instructor where I felt I was getting nowhere near test standard.Within the first few lessons with Thomas I built confidence and was learning a lot easier and felt less pressure, Thomas built lessons around how I learned and within a few months I passed first time.Easy going and very approachable driving instructor always open to questions and always has the answer.Learning with him was simple ,even the most complicated manoeuvres were made simple so nerves were non existent! great time learning and the biggest smile now I have passed. Thank you.Stephen


I would like to thank Thomas for helping me pass my driving test second time round .Even when I failed first time he kept me motivated and gave me the confidence to pass on my second attempt.If you want to learn how to drive in a relaxed and professional manner then Thomas is the man for you.Thanks again!     Martin


jst like 2 say cheerz Thomas 4 everything itz been gr8 havin u as my instructor and i hope more ppl cum 2 u az u r gr8 at what u do thanx again big chap.   Tinny


I would just like to say thanks for getting me through my test first time



“Thanks Thomas!! Wouldn’t have done it without you, especially in such a short space of time. Best instructor out there by a mile, always on time and very patient!! Keep up the good work!! Mark Boyle


Great instructor, was not sure how i would cope with driving at first
but after three lessons his teaching had me going round the area where
i had planned to sit my test. The methods thomas used were very easy
to understand and very easy to pick up. Thomas really helped to put me
at ease on the road, giving me confidence to drive and do what is
required to pass the practical stage of the test. Thomas is very
patient and friendly making it easy to get along with him. Very
accommodating with times and dates. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.   Jamie

Learning to drive can be a very ‘taxing’ ordeal, but thanks to Thomas
and his excellent teachings over the months I have been able to pass
my driving test, very reliable and really good guy. Thanks again,


Having passed my test first time with only 3 minor faults I would
like to thank Thomas for his time and patience. He offers a
professional and reliable service and would recommend him to anyone
thinking of starting driving lessons. Garry Wilson


Thomas was a fantastic instructor to have. I had no experience at all with cars and with his help I was able to pass both my theory and practical tests on their first attempts. Thomas is a patient instructor whose only aim was to ensure you passed your test and would be a safe driver on the road. He was always accommodating when my lesson schedules had to change at short notice and would always have me smiling and laughing when driving, keeping me at ease on the road.

I would recommend anyone who has inhibitions about driving or does not believe they have enough time to learn to book a lesson with Thomas, you’ll be surprised what you’re able to do with his help. Grant Robertson
Hi its Paulline Loughbridge here.Just to say that is me driving a year today.Thanks so much for everything your the greatest. I hope you are busy and you and your wife and boys are well. I had a look at your new site and it looks great and so does the new car.You really have changed my life for the better helping me through it all.You were so patient and a great teacher.I feel confident driving, I still love driving and the freedom it gives me. Take care and thanks again.



Before beginning driving lessons I found it daunting that I’d be
working a car. But from the very first lesson Thomas made me feel
comfortable and confident that I always had the ability to succeed.
His patience and experience are the two qualities that put Thomas
ahead of driving schools and other instructors. I have since been
driving for over a year with 110% confidence thanks to Thomas.

Grant Reid


I would highly recommend Thomas as a driving instructor. Thomas was
friendly, professional and reliable.
Having had lessons with previous instructors without much progress
Thomas style of teaching, knowledge, patience
and encouragement got me through my test and driving with confidence.
Thanks Again.

Jon Williams


I would highly recommend Thomas. I passed my test first time, with 2
minors. Thomas helped to build my confidence as he reassured and
encouraged me on every lesson. He was encouraging and tried to make
each lesson different. Thomas is reliable and was always on time for
every lesson. He is patient, friendly and easy to talk too. Thanks
again!. Leigh Fisher


I would like to say a huge thank you to Thomas my driving instructor for getting me through my driving test, he helped me to feel comfortable and was always very calm and patient with me as I was a very slow learner. Thomas always gave me words of encouragement which made each lesson feel worthwhile. I would definitely recommend Thomas to my friends and family as he gave me confidence to go for my test when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you Thomas for believing in me.

Natalie Stewart


Pamela Mcgrory
Thomas was a fantastic instructor, he gave me confidence and encouragement to pass my theory and practical tests first time. I had 2 instructors before coming to Thomas, I felt I was getting nowhere with them but Thomas was patient calm and always made you smile his aim was to make sure I passed my test first time. thanks to Thomas I did pass first time. Thomas gave me confidence to be behind the wheel. I highly recommend Thomas to anyone who is going through their test. he was my best and favourite instructor.
I would just love to say thanks Thomas you have given me and my kids freedom getting me through my test I couldn’t have done it without you xxx