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Doors,seat,seatbelt,steering wheel and mirrors.

Doors, seat, seatbeltc,steering wheel and mirrors.

Doors, make sure the doors are closed properly.

Seat, set up the seat so you can reach the pedals with a bend in your knee.

Seatbelt, push the belt into the clip and give it a tug to make sure it holds.

Steering wheel, adjust the steering wheel so you can slide both hands al the way around it.

Mirrors, in the middle mirror you should be able to see the whole of the back window

In the side mirrors you should be able to see a small part of the car and a lot of the road.


PREPARE , clutch down, select 1st gear, Set the gas, find the bite, hand on handbrake.

OBSERVE, check the mirrors from left to right and the blind spot.

MOVE, if clear release the handbrake and the car will move.